There is no reason that the Special Autonomy Fund failed

Papuan intellectual figure Moksen Idris Sirfefa admits that he has been following the development of the Papua Special Autonomy Fund (Otsus) for a long time. According to him, Otsus Papua was successful and not failed. According to him, if it is said that there is a problem because the policies and human resources are not achieved, it must be fixed.

"Please understand that the existence of Otsus is a middle way. The government in making a policy is the result of an agreement between the Government and the Papuan people, a middle path through Otsus. There are five areas where the Special Autonomy Fund can be achieved, including: health, education, community economy, infrastructure and affirmation for indigenous Papuans. The government has a good program, ”he said after the Moya Discussion Group Webinar.

Moksen said that there are 3 levels of scholarship increase, such as: high school, vocational school, specific education such as doctors and others from special autonomy funds. He revealed that this year there are 20 pharmacies in Russia that benefit from Papua's Special Autonomy funds.

"Unfortunately, what the government has done in public communication is weak and does not introduce the success of the special autonomy fund.
For 20 years just seeing money was wrong. Because, there is a strategic sector in it. In the future, it must be comprehensive in order to strengthen the special autonomy funds so that the regions are empowered. Of course, there is a need for transparency and supervision in the budget for the advancement of Papua, "he explained.

He said, Papuans have three characters or habits of talent. He said that there are three main lines, which could be Pamong or ASN, politicians, fishermen farmers and laborers. He invited Papuan youth to see technology, a competitive global world.

“These three basic ownership basic ownership can compete with the changing world and this is a global challenge. In Papua it will be faced with regional economic development, especially in the Pacific region. America and China have a place to play. What is the quality of the ecological effect and can we face two giant countries. Of course, we are optimistic that Papua can progress and prosper with a good education, "he said.

Moya Discussion Group: Unity In Diversity “Benefits of Special Autonomy for Papuan Youth Education & Development. Interviewees; Papuan intellectual figure Moksen Idris Sirfefa, Director of the Young Kalaway Institute Nanny Uswanas, Observer of Papua and International Politics Prof. Imron Cotan, Ali Kabiay Youth Leader and Moderator: LHKI PP Muhammadiyah Herry Sucipto.

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