PON XX Papua Getting Closer, DIY Fast Track Athletes Continue to Prepare

A four-year multi-event event, the Papua 2021 National Sports Week (PON) is getting closer.

The Regional Training Center Team (Puslatda) PON XX DIY continues to make preparations, including the mainstay athlete of DIY is Indah Lupita Sari.

Indah explained, in November and December 2020 the training progress should have started to enter the match adaptation stage.

"But entering December 2020, the weather was dominated by rain so the training program was also replaced. Starting from January 2021, maybe the adaptation is the same as the program," he said.

He explained that he is still doing intensive training, along with two other athletic athletes in Yogyakarta, namely Rahma Anisa who will go down in the running number and Bayu Prasetyo in the fast road number.

"For afternoon training at Kenari Field, in the morning at the Mandala Krida Stadium. Mandala Krida is already open, but not for the public and only for Puslatda and PPLP athletes," said Indah.

"In Mandala Krida, the schedule is for Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. Meanwhile, in Kenari Field, every evening. Then Saturday morning, the training is usually done on the highway," he added.

Regarding the try out, Indah said that the coaching team targeted to be held in March 2021.

"Opponents of the match test have no view at all. It just seems that this year there will be competitions and we don't know whether or not to try out," he said.

"If, for example, there is a kind of national try out, maybe West Kalimantan, Jambi and East Java will meet, in my opinion these will be tough opponents," he added.

Even so, for now Indah has chosen to focus on preparing herself as well as possible, in order to present maximum results for DIY at the XX Papua PON 2021.

"There are still many things that need to be improved, especially when I am easily subject to disqualification warnings. Every match has a warning, so I have to fix that," he said.

For your information, PON XX Papua 2021 will be the debut stage for Indah Lupita Sari.

Indah confirmed one ticket to PON Papua 2021 after making good achievements in the two PON Qualification events, in Gresik and Cibinong Bogor 2019.

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