PON Rugby Athletes Are Taken Seriously

Pengprov Persatuan Rugby Union Indonesia (PRUI) Bali will test the seriousness and seriousness of the athletes who won XX / 2021 PON Papua tickets.

Bali, which passes the Rugby Seven category, has a tough chance. Therefore, the Bali Rugby Provincial Manager wants to ensure the commitment of the athletes.

"We will summon as soon as possible earlier this month. Apart from athletes, coaches are also summoned and meet directly with the board of PRUI Bali," said General Chairman of Bali Rugby Provincial Pengprov, I Made ErawaN.

According to Erawan, his party wants to know the seriousness of the athletes to defend Bali. Also want to know all the problems in training so far. All obstacles in the field should be conveyed by the management, so that the best solution can be found.

Erawan said that the remaining eight months to PON Papua is considered a short time. He also hopes that the athletes will follow the coach's instructions. In addition, trainers are also asked to create programs to improve technique and physicality. In addition, it also strengthens the mental and achievements of athletes.

In calling the athletes and coaches later, said Erawan, the PRUI Bali management hopes that everything will be open. Because the management prioritizes transparency in the internal management, so that the management, athletes and coaches have a harmonious relationship. In the end, athletes focus on training and don't think about anything else. The point is, coming to Papua to come home with a medal.

"In order to achieve this, the volume of training is definitely increased. Because, the previous training was ineffective because it was still in a Covid-19 atmosphere. Within eight months, it is hoped that the preparations will be correct, ”said I Made Erawan.

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