Petrus Pigai: I do not reject expansion, because of its impact

With regard to the expansion plan in the Papua region, which is currently being discussed by the central government, the Papua DPR Commission II member in charge of the Economy and Manpower responded, Petrus Pigai.

According to Petrus Pigai, the expansion is okay, that's the authority of the central government, but the impact must be considered. Apart from that, they must prepare employment opportunities, especially for workers who already have skills and skills, so that unemployment does not increase.

"I do not reject the expansion, but we have to think about the impact later. And it must also prepare employment opportunities for workers who have skills and expertise. If you don't think about these small things, unemployment will increase, ”said Petrus Pigai.

It is said, the division proposed by the central government has now been included and is being discussed again in the DPR. It's just that the problem is that the people below must also be seen in their condition because they are the ones who experience it directly.

"For me it is not a problem, it just has to look at the condition of the people who are brought. Do they accept the pemekaran or not. The problem is that the people below are experienced. So that if there is expansion, then for whom is the district's presence ?, ”he asked.

For that, continued Petrus Pigai, the Central Government and the Provincial Government of Papua must prioritize how to open or reactivate Vocational Training Centers (BLKs), especially departments that can be prepared in each field.

According to the National Mandate Party (PAN), it would be nice for the current unemployed to prepare skills schools so that they can manage their own areas and stand on their own land. Because if there is division, the local children will only be spectators on their own land and benefit people from outside.

"So that is what takes precedence, not expansion. In the future, how do we think about expansion. The most important thing is to save the younger siblings who have not yet found work by providing jobs. Because those who can manage and handle the construction are them, ”said Petrus Pigai.

Therefore, Pigai said, we no longer need to bring in workers from outside to build Papua. Those who can manage the regency or province must be the local people themselves.

He continued to say, even if there have been demonstrations so far that have made the government dizzy, that is only natural. Because they want to do what.

"So I think the government has started to think about how these young people are equipped with skills, so that they really answer their needs or what they expect," he added.

In fact, Petrus Pigai said, if in Papua this is an economic problem that must be prioritized and raised, not just physical development.

Petrus Pigai added that for him expansion is okay, that is the authority of the central government. However, the authority must also be accompanied by manpower. Which in these districts all must be ready, including employment so that the existence of unemployment does not increase.

"Besides that, it is also supported by skilled workers who are ready to be employed," concluded Petrus Pigai.

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