PB PON Papua Launches Animated Pictogram for 56 Sports Disciplines

The Papua National Sports Week (PB PON) Grand Committee for the first time in Indonesia, launched an animated pictogram for 56 sports disciplines that will be contested on the four-year event in October 2021.

The launch was packaged in a 300-day countdown event leading to the implementation of the XX Papua 2021 PON and the Papua Light Festival which was held virtually together with the New Year's Eve event.

According to Yunus Wonda, Daily Chair of the Papua National Sports Week, the launch of pictograms is a new way to introduce PON with a unique and universal language.
He believes that the existence of this pictogram will be able to bridge the language differences from the various regions of origin of the PON XX Papua 2021 athletes.

Yunus also hopes that the pictograms can popularize PON Papua in the national level sports arena. Where Papua has a high enthusiasm for the success of organizing PON.

In accordance with our tagline "TORANG BISA", which is the spirit that is reflected in the ability of the XX Papua 2021 PON Committee to adapt to pandemic conditions. Then we are of course very ready to hold PON. In fact, every activity will always prioritize health protocols and the readiness of broadcasting and streaming services for all levels of society "

"The point is the launch of this pictogram and light festival, as a sign that Papua Province is ready to carry out PON XX Papua 2021. We are also ready to welcome you athletes from all over Indonesia to compete in Papua. We definitely provide an adequate broadcasting system and streaming services that can be enjoyed by the people of Indonesia, "he concluded.

Previously, the light festival and pictogram launching were events recorded in advance and then streamed on December 31, 2020.

The Festival of Lights presents various arts and cultural performances from Papuan and capital artists on a landing craft tank in the waters of Youtefa Bay, Jayapura.

This event is the first because besides being implemented virtually, it is also a unique set of places then out of the box, then of course it offers natural wealth in Papua.

The enthusiasm of the public watching this streaming program can be seen from the positive response through comments that provide enthusiasm and support for the XX Papua 2021 PON, especially appreciation for Papua who provides interesting butts.

Choosing the moment of New Year's Eve, of course, is a clever strategy chosen by the PON XX Papua 2021 Committee as an effective promotional media to echo the spirit and socialization of PON XX Papua 2021 to the people of Indonesia and especially in Tanahsyarakatu in the Community.

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