Papuans admit that Otsus has been successful

The Papuan special autonomy drafting team (Otsus) claims the implementation of this policy has been successful. Large funds and authority from the government are considered capable of improving the welfare of the people in the area.

Deputy Chairman of the 2001 Special Autonomy Compilation Team, Balthasar Kambuaya said that the public must be honest and acknowledge the results of the policy. In my opinion, Otsus is already 75 to 80 percent, ”said Balthasar.

This native Papuan son who was once the Chancellor of Cendrawasih University said that the Special Autonomy Law was drafted by Papuans themselves and adapted to the needs of the community.

The great authority given by the government to the Papuan people to compile Otsus is a form of welfare for indigenous Papuans and West Papuans. "Actually, Papua has been given great freedom to regulate its own region, especially those related to governance, education, economy, health and so on," he said.

According to him, this special autonomy has brought significant changes for Papua. Among them is about the budget. From the APBD, which was initially Rp. 700 to Rp. 800 billion since 2001, it has increased to trillions every year.

He continued to say, then the addition of new autonomous regions or new autonomous regions which are part of a special strategy to accelerate Papuans out of underdevelopment. They are even given the opportunity to become leaders in their own land. "This is actually a significant change that has been felt by the Papuan people since 2001 with the implementation of Otsus, the benefits were felt," he said.

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