The DPD Pemuda Mandala Trikora Papua Province, Ali Kabiay stated that the National Civil Strike (MSN) which was called by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) group was immoral and violated human rights.

This was conveyed by the Chairman of the DPD Pemuda Mandala Trikora Papua Province, Ali Kabiay in Jayapura.

Ali said that these calls would sacrifice the right to life and human rights of the Papuan people. He argued, the real struggle is a struggle for the welfare of the Papuan people and the Papuan young generation so that they can progress and develop equally with other young generations in Indonesia.

"If KNPB and Victor Yeimo invite MSN, let's ask them, what have they (KNPB) done for the people of Papua ?. This question must be a solid basis for questioning the credibility and responsibility of the KNPB and Victor Yeimo for the Papuan people, "said Ali.

He considered, seemed ridiculous and absurd. He hopes that the Papuan people must be smarter to see the KNPB actions that harm the people and young generations of Papua.

Ali appealed to the public to be careful about the National Civil Strike (MSN) call for the KNPB because it could damage the peace that had so far built massively and well in Papua.

He also stated that the National Civil Strike would paralyze the education system and the younger generation of Papua would drop out of school. As a result, the younger generation of Papua was born who were left behind in the intellectual and educational fields.

Ali also added that strikes also cause the government system to be completely paralyzed, the economic system collapses and has an impact on public health services.

'As a result of MSN, the people of Papua I cannot get nutritious food. The KNPB call could harm the people of Papua, "he added.

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