Papua Forward with Indonesia

The development of Papua is one of the priority programs of the Jokowi-Ma'ruf Government. It is believed that various national programs that are currently being intensively implemented are able to advance and improve the welfare of the Papuan people.

Papua is an area that has become part of Indonesia and has been recognized both de jure and de facto. The issue of colonialism in Papua, which is echoed by activists and supporters of West Papuan independence such as the ULMWP, is believed to have no significant effect.

This is because almost all countries in the world recognize Papua as an integral part of Indonesia.

On the occasion of the Webinar of the Amerop Team in Collaboration with the European Association for Advanced Indonesia (PETJ), Papuan Youth Leader Izak R Hiyokabi assessed that there are several things in the change of Papuan society.

One of them is the breadth of budget management for the Papuan Government. Namely the existence of a special autonomy fund for Papua from the beginning until 2020 worth IDR 126.99 trillion. Although there is a need for a thorough evaluation of this large budget.

Izak said that Jokowi's move was considered effective by taking a dialogue approach to unravel the problem and at the same time formulate alternative solutions. He added that it is no less important to continue implementing previous policies, such as President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who put forward a welfare approach rather than a security approach.

According to him, national integration and NKRI is a non-existent foundation that is built on welfare and justice above a legal system that respects the socio-cultural context.

Izak said that the arrival of President Jokowi to Papua could reach more than 15 times. This kind of communication certainly deserves appreciation. Especially with the issuance of Presidential Instruction number 9 of 2020 concerning the acceleration of the development of the welfare of the Papua and West Papua Provinces. Presidential Decree number 20 of 2020 concerning an integrated Coordination Team for the acceleration of development in Papua and West Papua Provinces.

This strategic step seems to have brought progress to Papua, such as infrastructure, education, social, economic and others.

The Papua Special Autonomy Fund has had a significant positive impact. Both in the political, social, economic and other fields. Even so, the Otsus fund must be evaluated. Papuan children must be given the widest possible opportunity in the field of education to build a better Papua.

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