Otsus Becomes a Foothold for Indigenous Papuans to Become More Powerful


The implementation of Special Autonomy (Otsus) is considered as an approach of the central government in order to increase welfare while reducing the gap between Papua and other provinces. In Otsus, more authority is given to the regions, as well as respect for the basic rights of indigenous Papuans. The community was directly involved in monitoring

"Otsus is a policy for the welfare of Papua," said the Head of the Papua Province Youth Lira, Stevez R Mara, in a discussion on "Special Autonomy and the Struggle for Papua".

If there are deficiencies, as well as rejection, it is normal to be part of criticism so that Otsus is better. This is simply due to different perspectives, when the center thinks that Otsus is for the welfare of the Papuan people while other parties see it as not optimal. In fact, large funds have been rolled out.

etua DPD Pemuda Mandala Trikora Papua Province Albert Ali Kabiay added, Otsus is here to answer problems in Papua. Otsus was born as an antithesis when the New Order was all centralized. Otsus is important for the development of human resources, health and economic development in Papua. With great authority, it should be a stepping stone for indigenous Papuans to prosper the region and society. "The Special Autonomy Fund must be used properly for the benefit of the Papuan people," he said.

He considered that Papuan youths had to think broadly, not only looking at one side, considering that the positive impact of special autonomy was also large. Large funds disbursed have reached Rp. 127 trillion. If used wisely and properly, funds will benefit health, education, economic development and others. "If it is used properly it will benefit indigenous Papuans, as youths they must encourage Otsus to be more positive," he said.

He encouraged transparency from the provincial government regarding Otsus funds as well as improvements in distribution in the regions. Given the location of different coastal and mountainous areas. Especially at this time, despite being given the authority and large funds, the Papuan human development index is still quite behind, even though it has improved from year to year.

"Because of that, it should be of concern to unite to push forward Otsus to continue. Moreover, there is another addition in the DAU (General Allocation Fund), meaning that there is a concern from the center so that there is equitable development in Papua. As a native Papuan youth, hopefully the funds will be used transparently, so that there is trust from Papuans to the provincial government, "he said.

On the same occasion, Jayapura Regent Mathius Awoitauw explained that Otsus is an affirmative action by the central government to accelerate development in Papua. Moreover, from various sectors, Papua is still lagging behind other provinces. Special autonomy, said Mathius, is one solution, acceleration, for equity, as well as a middle ground. He is sure that Otsus will continue, it only needs evaluation and is a natural thing so that implementation can be even better. "We in two customary areas, last September, have conducted an evaluation, attended by female youth religious leaders, there is the MRP (Papuan People's Council).

To be sure, district cities receive special autonomy funds as well after being reduced at the provincial level, but Jayapura tries to maximize the special autonomy funds to encourage community involvement to become more independent, empowered, able to strengthen culture. Even if there is a negative response regarding Otsus, he sees it as normal. However, he urged the provincial government to be more open, transparent, and willing to collaborate to evaluate Otsus together. Do not go alone.

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