ON racing coach hopes that Gede Saka will recover from his injury

Bali PON racer Made Gede Sadhu Saka Bakti curled up injured during training at the Tengkudak Field in Tabanan at the end of 2020.

Bali motorbike racing coach Rofiq also hopes that Gede Saka can recover, at least in March 2021. Gede Saka will play in the men's team number for the maximum class of 250 CC, aged over 17 years.

According to coach Rofiq, injury recovery takes 2-3 months and after that it is believed that he will recover and be able to ride a motorbike again. Especially now that the thigh bone injury is in the recovery stage. Rofiq is very confident, the racer who won the gold medal at Porprov, can appear at the XX / 2021 PON Papua, next October.

"The injury is not too severe. However, it can take a maximum of three months to heal. This March, recover and train again. If you recover faster, the better," said Rofiq.

Rofiq assessed that now Gede Saka is gradually recovering and is undergoing light physical exercise. But in truth, said Rofiq, riders need to be physically fit to support their appearance in the racing arena. Being complacent about the physical, he said, could be left behind by other rivals.

So now, said Rofiq, only the determination and strong will of the racer himself. Namely, trying to recover as soon as possible as before. Because the development of motocross, he said, is very difficult to predict. If you want to recover quickly as before, it will take at least 2-3 months.

"I still believe Gede Saka will appear at PON Papua. Because his injury is not too severe. Recovery can be done before PON Papua. There is still 10 months," said Rofiq.

Apart from hoping that Gede Saka will be fit again, the coaching team is also preparing a replacement candidate on behalf of Aditya Permana (reserve racer). Aditya's achievements are also quite good and have started training together, including with other PON Bali riders, namely I Gusti Ngurah Diva Ismayana (individual and team categories Class 250 CC Ages 17 years and over). "However, Aditya has only been deployed to PON Papua, if Gede Saka is really not fit before the PON. We'll just wait for sure. Hopefully Gede Saka will return to normal, "said Rofiq.

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