Next month, four APBN venues are handed over to Papua Province

The four XX National Sports Week (PON) venues built through the State Budget of the Ministry of PUPR will be handed over to the Papua Provincial Government in February 2021.

The four venues are Aquatic and Istora venues in Kampung Harapan, Cricket and Hockey (Indoor / outdoor) in Doyo Baru.

So, hand over the four venues in early February 2021, ”said the Acting Head of the Papua Province Sports and Youth (Disorda) Office, Alexander Kapisa, to the press in his office recently.

He said the four venues built by the PUPR Ministry were 100 percent complete, and if they had been handed over to the Papuan government, Papuan athletes could use them for training.

"The venues that will be handed over to the province are Aquatic venues, following Istora and also those in Doyo, such as Criket and Hockey," he said.

According to Alex, the Papua Sports and Youth Office has provided management or an institution that will manage the venue, including maintenance costs.

"Thursday is ready to accept the four venues. Including the institution to manage the venue, we have prepared it, ”he said.

If it has been submitted to the Papuan government, he said, the concentration of Disorda will be focused on aspects of maintenance and maintenance of these venues.

In addition, he continued, if the venues have been handed over, athletes can use them to conduct training camps. "If it has been submitted, it will certainly be used by Papuan athletes for training," he concluded.

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