Gold Medal Target in XX Papua PON, South Sulawesi Futsal Team Seeks 35 Players

The South Sulawesi Futsal Team is targeting a gold medal at the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON), November 2021.

In order to achieve this target, the South Sulawesi Provincial Futsal Association (AFP) is looking for 35 players. These players are prepared to face the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON), November 2021.

The selection is planned to be held, 15-18 January 2021. Located at the Futsal field at Goro Arena, Jl Yusuf Dg Ngawing, Makassar.

Team Manager, Arianto Najib, said that in the initial selection stage, around 35 players would be netted.

The netted players will train until January 31. Then 25 people will be announced.

"18 players on the list to PB PON, 7 as reserve players," he said.

Arianto Najib explained that the selection process would use a relegation competition system. So each player will be combined into a team and then their progress will be monitored.

For the upcoming PON Papua, the South Sulawesi team itself is targeting a gold medal.

"Our definite target is to get gold in PON Papua and we will use this remaining time well," he hoped.

Previously, the South Sulawesi futsal team failed to participate in the 2016 West Java PON XIX.

The South Sulawesi team stopped at Pre-PON Bali after only being able to win one win over the West Sulawesi team and suffered two defeats against the NTT team and the Bali host team.

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