Expansion of Papua is Able to Accelerate Development

The division of the Papua region has been a polemic since several months ago. A number of circles think that the expansion should be rejected because it makes the burden of bureaucracy and corruption even greater. In fact, the division is considered unable to solve human rights problems in Papua. Meanwhile, some parties feel that the division of Papua is capable of accelerating development while maintaining the security situation.

Despite the rejection, a number of parties supported steps to carry out expansion. Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Tito Karnavian, for example, assessed that the expansion of a number of regions in Papua was carried out to accelerate development. In addition, the security situation in Papua will also be maintained.

"We are talking about the issue of national unity and unity. Most importantly the speed in order to accelerate development. The problem in Papua is the most important economic problem, I was a former police chief there for two years. So if the economy accelerates in West Papua, the economy accelerates, we will also see violence directly decreasing, ”said Tito, quoted by BeritaSatu.

Tito said that when he visited Papua some time ago, the Papuan people had indeed expressed their hope that there would be expansion while maintaining the security situation there. The aspirations of South Papua, Central Papua and Central Papua were discussed.

"Well, what is rounded up means that under South Papua itself, they ask," said Tito. According to Tito, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe agreed to the South Papua talks.

"With the existing budget constraints, there can only be a maximum of two, namely South Papua, the governor is willing, and the regents are also willing, the aspirations are strong there. We will synchronize the central mountains first, ”added Tito.

Similar was expressed by Menkopolhukam Mahfud MD. Reported by VOA, he said the aspirations for the expansion of the Papua region were conveyed by the Papuan people when meeting with President Joko Widodo.

Mahfud himself considered that the expansion plan was correct. "That there are those who disagree, it's normal. There must be those who disagree, right now it has not been split. But it seems that the expansion effort is right, "explained Mahfud MD.

Mahfud also stated that the government and the DPR have one vote on the division of the province of South Papua. He accused people who did not agree with the expansion plan to be people who wanted Papua to be independent from the Republic of Indonesia.

"The difference is, people who are 'quotes' want Papua to be independent," Mahfud added.

Researcher of the Papua Team and the Foreign Policy of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Adriana Elisabeth, assessed that Papua deserves to be expanded because of its very wide area coverage.

According to him, with a very wide area coverage, it is not enough for Papua to be controlled by only two provinces.

"Papua will sooner or later be divided because it talks about a very wide range of control in Papua, only two provinces, it is not enough," said Adriana.

According to him, in the period of President Joko Widodo's leadership in the next five years, there will definitely be a division of provinces in Papua. However, there are certain concerns that need attention.

“I have been to Papua. I have had discussions with a number of parties there. I noticed that there were none who resisted pemekaran. But that earlier, there are certain concerns that must be considered, "said Adriana.

The first concern that must be paid attention to is whether it should be now, or should it be done in the next few years, considering that there are still many issues that must be prioritized in Papua.

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