ABTI Banyumas targets to send five athletes for PON 2021

The district board of the Indonesian Handball Association, Pengkab ABTI Banyumas is optimistic that the athletes sent to participate in the regional selection (Selekda) for the regional training camp (Pelatda) of the 20th Papua National Sports Week (PON) will pass the selection.

Selekda, which was held by the Central Java ABTI Pengprov, was held for one day from morning to evening at Score Stadium Dukuhwaluh Purwokerto, Saturday (9/1).

The Head of the Banyumas ABTI Regency Office, Wikan Agung Winasis, said that his party was sure that the 10 athletes who took part in the Selekda could qualify for the regional level.

"Our target at Selekda is to pass first," he said on the sidelines of the Selekda activity. According to Wikan, of the 10 athletes, three female athletes and two male athletes can enter the Central Java handball team at the 20th PON.

Moreover, the achievements of Banyumas handball athletes are undoubtedly even two of the athletes have strengthened the national team at the International Handball Federation (IHF) Championship in 2019, namely Oryza Satieva Carelia and Anisa Dwi Rahmawati.

"Apart from Oryza and Anisa having strengthened the National Team, Anisa and Pratama Gilang also strengthened the Pre PON team last year," he concluded.

However, Wikan still believes that on the shoulders of Banyumas handball athletes there is a responsibility apart from advancing the sport itself as well as making Banyumas district proud in the national arena.

Meanwhile, at the same place, Chairman of the Central Java ABTI Pengprov Joko Pranawa Adi explained that the implementation of the Selekda was very important to find potential athletes to strengthen the Central Java handball team in the 20th PON.

"So this Selekda is to find athletes who really have the potential to bring achievements to the Central Java team in the 20th PON," he explained.

Even the Central Java handball sport is targeted by KONI to bring home a gold medal. However, as much as possible the target is not only one gold medal but two gold medals.

"For the opposing teams in PON that need to be watched out for, namely East Kalimantan, West Java and the host Papua," he added.

In the one-day selekda, only six regencies / cities participated in the election, namely Tegal City, Tegal Regency, Banyumas, Kebumen, Purworejo and Magelang.

Meanwhile, the three regions that were absent did not send their athletes, namely the City of Pekalongan, Brebes and Temanggung.

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