Three Athletes in Open Water Swimming Sports Routinely at Villa Biru Beach

three athletes of Open Water Swimming (OWS) or South Sulawesi open water swimming, Muhammad Nauval Saputra, Wanda Agustina, and Nurul Nurva Inayah continue to solidify their preparations before the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) 2021.

Because the sport they are engaged in is open water, the three of them often train at Villa Biru Beach.

This preparation is included in the Regional Athlete Achievement Sports Development Branch (PPOD) South Sulawesi ahead of PON Papua.

This training location is considered good enough to forge the ability of this trio of swimming athletes to be physically and mentally ready.

Not without reason, because they were targeted at each silver and two bronze medals.

Hasyim, the coach of the South Sulawesi OWS team, admitted that preparations were carried out by still referring to the training program that had been made, even though it was sometimes constrained by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"But we don't want to make it an obstacle. The three athletes regularly train from Monday to Saturday at the beach and also at the Mattoanging (swimming pool) and the Kostrad Kariango swimming pool in Maros, "said Hasyim as quoted from the release received.

Hasyim hopes that the three of them will be able to undergo the training well, so that the targets that have been given can be achieved.

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