The Special Autonomy Policy Has Positive Impacts on the Papuan People

The head of PKK in Dobonsolo Village, Martina Randongkir, highlighted the dynamics regarding the sustainability of the special autonomy (Otsus) culture in Papua.

In this case, he wants the implementation of Otsus Papua to be continued because he considers that the policy given by the central government has been successful.

"We think that Papua Special Autonomy has had a positive impact on the Papuan people, so it must be continued," he said.

Martina also added that the aim of the central government in providing Otsus is to improve the welfare of the people in Papua so that the community should support this policy by evaluating the special autonomy fund and optimizing the empowerment of village funds.

"The Special Autonomy Fund provided by the Central Government is aimed at the welfare of the people in Papua, therefore we must support what the central government has given," he said.

Apart from highlighting the issue of Otsus, Martina also invited the public to participate in the 3M + 1T Health Protocol, namely using masks, maintaining distance, washing hands with soap and not crowding so they can avoid Covid-19.

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