The Special Autonomy Fund Increases Human Resources in Papua

Development of Human Resources (HR) in the education sector in Papua and West Papua has increased. This was said by the Director of the Young Kalaway Institute, Nanny Uswanas.

According to him, the increase in human resources in education is due to the impact of the special autonomy funds (Otsus) provided by the Central Government.

"So far, the impact of Otsus on the Land of Papua in the education sector has made many Papuan friends become scholars and others. They got scholarships from the Central Government Special Autonomy," said Nanny Uswanas.

In fact, he said, many Papuan friends have left their comfort zone because of the times that are not fixed as Civil Servants (PNS). They are also many who become entrepreneurs.

"Many of them have become entrepreneurs, Komika, YouTubers and others. This is the visible impact of the policy of Otsus," he said.

Not to mention, said Nanny, many indigenous Papuan children have good talents. So, education in Papua has developed and changed the mindset of young Papuan children.

Meanwhile, Papuan Youth Leader Ali Kabiay said that the special autonomy funds from the Central Government for Papua have been successful. Otsus has been running well and has built Papuan human resources in the education sector. "Special Autonomy for Papua has not failed," said Ali.

Even so, Ali appealed to the special autonomy funds to be channeled properly and on target for the next generation of Papuan children.

This is because Otsus is managed by the Papua Provincial Government. Therefore, to use the special autonomy funds properly, there must be an evaluation.

"There must be an evaluation, why? In order to find out the weaknesses and strengths in the field of education in particular. So, don't blame the central government with autonomy funds in particular," he explained.

Ali also considered that the regional security factor is important to build quality education and human resources in Papua.

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