The Special Autonomy Fund Builds Village Infrastructure

The Papua Special Autonomy Fund which is disbursed annually is equivalent to 2% of the APBN so far it has been used to build infrastructure in villages so that it does not need to be rejected but evaluated so that the program is more widely felt by indigenous Papuans.

"The positive impact of the Otsus program is huge for indigenous Papuans, especially in the infrastructure sector. So far, development has prioritized the aspects of education, health and infrastructure. This is proof that the central government is very concerned about the people of Papua, "explained Elisa Nian, Head of Bring Village, Kemtuk Gresi District, Jayapura Regency, in Jayapura recently.

Elisa hopes that the Papuan people are not wrong in assessing the provision of special autonomy funds by the central government so far. Because the implementation of the provision of these funds has been felt by all Papuans to remote villages.

Since Law No. 21 of 2001 was enacted in Papua, the funds that have been disbursed by the central government from 2002 - 2020 have reached IDR 126.99.

"The Papuan people should not be mistaken in assessing Otsus, let alone influenced by people who are not responsible for rejecting the special autonomy program, because special autonomy has a good purpose in developing Papua, why should it be rejected" he wondered.

If there are Papuan people who have not felt the impact of the special autonomy program, said Elisa, it is better to find out what the obstacles are. "Let us together build Papua in the future to be better, safer, more peaceful and prosperous," he said.

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