The Chairperson of PGPI Papua urges the people to support the sustainability of Otsus

Chairperson of the Indonesian Pentecostal Church Alliance (PGPI) in Papua Province, MPA Mauri, STh, asked all Papuan people to be grateful for Special Autonomy (Otsus) which is currently taking place in Papua and West Papua Provinces.

Pastor Mauri believes that being grateful for the blessings given by God is better than grumbling and rejecting the blessings that have been given through the government, including Otsus.

"We have to be grateful for that. And let this Otsus continue, because it is for our common good for a better Papua, "said Pastor Mauri.

It is said that the sustainability of Otsus has become an executive and judicial struggle in Papua province, including all Papua Forkopimda, so that Otsus is actually God's blessing for Papua. Many improvements in development and Human Resources (HR) in Papua and West Papua are thanks to the ongoing special autonomy.

"We are grateful and we must support together, especially the PGPI Church congregation. Let us pray for all stakeholders or stake holders in Papua, the Provincial Government, Regency and City Governments, including the Papua Police Chief and the XVII / Cenderawasih Regional Military Command and staff, so that they can serve well to all Papuans, "he said.

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