The Bali KONI was poured out of Rp. 39 billion

KONI Bali Province received a grant budget in the 2021 main APBD worth Rp. 39 billion. The amount of the grant will be used for the needs of the Bali contingent at the XX / 2021 PON event in Papua which is planned to be rolled out in October. "Actually, KONI Bali proposed Rp. 80 billion to the Bali Provincial Government. However, the leaked information that we got was only approved at Rp. 39 billion. This means that almost half of it has been approved," said Chairman of KONI Bali Ketut Suwandi.

The significant reduction in nominal value, namely Rp. 41 billion deducted from the amount proposed, is understandable. Given, the current situation is in a bad economic condition. Even other regions are also recognized for the same problem. From a budget point of view towards PON Papua it is very limited. "We just accept that much. Because the situation is like this. As a result of Covid-19, Bali, which relies on the tourism sector, has felt the impact," said Suwandi.

The man who is also the former Chairman of the Badung KONI emphasized that even other regions that have always received large budgets such as KONI Kaltim have also experienced similar problems. Even to get to PON Papua, they get a very small grant. Only Rp. 10 billion, so they drastically declined to get grants from their local government. With such conditions, KONI Bali emphasized that it still has a high optimistic attitude towards the four-year multi-event between provinces.

If the PON were to be held today, Bali is also sure it can be perched in its previous position. Even hoping to head East Kalimantan which has been above Bali so far. Even other regions are in crucial condition. Like the East Kalimantan KONI has already given a firm statement to its athletes, if they really do not have the potential to get a medal, it is clear that they will not be dispatched. Moreover, many athletes from East Kalimantan have left. And it happens in almost all sports. And this must be put to good use. "Most importantly, athletes in 2021 have high enthusiasm.

Although also with a limited budget capital. We will just maximize what is there, "said Suwandi. If only Rp. 39 billion is actually realized, there will be a lot of efficiency to do. And all parties are asked to realize and understand what is there. And KONI Bali also cannot blame all athletes. Every meeting with athletes is always motivated. Do not look for reasons to lose. And, if you want to win a medal, the desire must come from yourself.

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