Support Otsus to Advance Information Technology in Papua

2021 is an important year because there is an extension of the special autonomy program in Papua. Finance Minister Sri Mulyani promised that the nominal amount of the special autonomy fund would be increased. The special autonomy budget will focus on developing IT (information technology) facilities and others.

Special autonomy is a program that makes Papua feel special because of the government's attention. The form is not only in the form of funds, but also other powers such as governors and officials must be Papuans. There are also privileges for young people on Earth of Cendrawasih. They can enlist in the army through the special autonomy route.

Ahead of the extension of special autonomy, the people in Papua are waiting very carefully. So far, they have enjoyed the special autonomy fund which is a scholarship, so that no children drop out of school. In 2021, the nominal amount of the autonomy fund disbursed will be greater than last year.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani stated that the special autonomy fund increased by 3.3%. With details, Papua and West Papua Provinces got 7.8 trillion rupiah. Meanwhile, the special infrastructure fund is IDR 4.3 trillion. This amount of funds was taken from the 2020 State Budget. It turns out that not only Papua, but Aceh also received special autonomy funds as well.

Sri Mulyani added, for the special autonomy fund volume 2, it would be focused on developing information and communication technology facilities as well as expanding access to improve the effectiveness of education and health services. This was stated by him before the Committee IV and the Budget Team for the Regional Representative Council Committee.

If the special autonomy fund is a form of information technology facility development, it would be very appropriate. Because it will level IT development not only in western Indonesia, but also in the east. When Papuans need internet access, they will have no trouble finding signals and have to climb into trees or other high places.

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