Special Autonomy Is Proven To Make People Prosperous

The special autonomy in Papua will be extended in 2021. The Papuan people strongly support the continued special autonomy, because this special program from the government has been proven to prosper the people in this land of paradise. There has been a lot of development in Papua thanks to special autonomy.

Otsus is a program that started in 2001 and is valid for 20 years. This program received a legal umbrella from Law number 21 of 2001 and was changed to Perpu no. 1 year 2008. All Papuan people are happy with the special autonomy because they receive assistance in the form of money from the central government. In addition, there is a guarantee of respect for human rights in Papua.

There will be special autonomy volume 2 in Papua starting in 2021. This special autonomy extension is strongly supported by the Papuan people. Because they enjoy the infrastructure built from the special autonomy fund. the central government has poured out trillions of rupiah for the welfare of the people on this paradise earth. So, there is no development gap between Java and Papua.

In the Papua Special Autonomy, not only money is given, but also special powers are given to the Papuan people. Among other things, all leaders (mayors, governors, etc.) must be held by indigenous Papuans. So the people there can lead their own area because they already know the character of the people and the culture.

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