Regent Maybrat Supports Otsus in West Papua

The Regent of Maybrat Regency, Bernard Sagrim, supports the presence of Special Autonomy (Otsus) volume II, because it can have a positive impact on community development and welfare.

Bernard Sagrim's support for Otsus volume II followed the pros and cons among the Papuan people, which some refused on the grounds that they did not reach the small community. As for those who support it as a form of support for the future development of Papua's land.

"Otsus volume II must be supported because it is a central government policy that must be enforced, including the authority for indigenous Papuans and bringing positive values ​​to the land of Papua. This special autonomy brings good values, why should we reject it. And we still have the authority.

Examples of levies or taxes. And if the special autonomy funds are indeed more, then give the community a salary. This is an excess of otsus, "explained Bernard Sagrim.

In addition, Bernard said this authority must be regulated by the regions, so as to improve the welfare of the community and superior and professional human resources through proper education so that they can develop in Papua.

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