PSSI Allow Professional Players in XX PON

One of the Persipura Jayapura legends, Eduard Ivakdalam, disagrees with the decision of the Indonesian football federation (PSSI) to allow every team that will compete in the XX National Sports Week (PON) to be strengthened by 3 professional players.

The legend who is familiarly called Edu is now handling the Papuan football team which is being prepared for the XX PON event in 2021.

The PSSI decision allowed each PON team to be strengthened by 3 professional players based on the results of the Executive Committee meeting which was held virtually.

Edu felt that the decision was quite detrimental, because according to him, XX PON should be an arena to orbit young amateur players.

"I hope to Asprov and also to KONI so that if possible we in Papua do not use professional players and only amateur players. In the sense that we want to kill these amateur players so they can shine in PON XX later," he said.

The former captain of Persipura Jayapura hopes that this decision can be reconsidered. But if it can't be changed, he will be forced to look for 3 professional players to strengthen his team.

"I hope that this decision can change, we are the host. I'm not afraid if we have to play 3 professional players, but we still have young potential players. It's time for us to orbit local young players. But if it is maintained, we will looking for professional players who can meet our needs, "he concluded.

The PON Papua football team is still undergoing a training camp in Jayapura City. They plan to do try out to Thailand. However, the plan was nevertheless carried out because it was still blocked by the Covid-19 pandemic which had not yet subsided in Indonesia.

However, Eduard Ivakdalam's foster children tasted two prestigious trial matches against the East Java PON team at the inauguration of the Papua Bangkit Stadium venue, how long ago.

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