Perbasi Papua Expects Exit Try Out Permit

Frengky Baneftar, General Secretary of the Provincial Management of the Indonesian Basketball Association (Perbasi) Papua, revealed that the athletes who are now preparing to undergo training camps (TC) in Jayapura City have experienced increasing progress.

This increase is because the men's and women's basketball teams have been training for a long time and have undergone various trials with local teams in Papua, including a basketball event that was held in Timika City some time ago.

The progress of children (athletes) has now increased sharply, they are ready to excel. Moreover, I have been practicing for quite a long time, ”said Frengky Beneftar.

According to him, at this time his team only needed additional playing hours and experience through the try out program outside Papua. Given that his team has not yet found a team that is equivalent to Jayapura-Papua.

Moreover, he is targeting to wipe out gold medals in two men's and women's numbers, namely 3 × 3 and 5 × 5.

"Currently there are 36 boys and girls that we have prepared and we are optimistic that we can win all the gold medals at PON XX Papua. However, we need to try out of Papua because there is no match for them as our athletes, ”he said.

Therefore, he hopes that KONI and Puslatprov Papua can allow their athletes to try out to Java because there are many equivalent teams that can be obtained.

"Trying out must be done because by doing so, we can find the framework of the PON Papua basketball squad, besides that, to add more playing hours and athlete experience. We hope that we can get out of Papua as soon as possible, even though we know that there is still a Covid-19 pandemic, "he concluded.

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