PBFI Asks for Pelatda KONI Bali to be Held Again

The sports (sports) that pass their athletes to PON Papua XX / 2021, hope that the Independent Pelatda in the sports provincial administration will soon be withdrawn again to the KONI Bali Regional Training program.

This hope arises amidst the limitations of the sports parties in terms of the budget in preparation for PON Papua. Because, in preparation for appearing in the multi-year multi event between Provinces, almost six months after the training was returned to each sport. So that all the needs related to the affairs of PON athletes are all borne by the sports provincial administrator.

"If possible, in early 2021, it will be withdrawn to the Pelatda KONI Bali. So that the full burden and responsibility lies with KONI Bali. Now, the sport is trying to pay attention to its athletes," said General Secretary of the Bali Fitness Bodybuilding Association (PBFI) Pengprov, Made. Widiasa Pasputra.

According to Widiasa Pasputra who is also the Head of PABBSI Buleleng Regency, with the withdrawal of the PON athletes to Pelatda KONI Bali, practically all responsibility is fully at KONI Bali. Given that so far, Bali will use its power in the PON event. However, the one who pays for whatever needs the athletes is the sports provincial administrator.

All of that is understandable because of the Covid-19 condition. It's just that this doesn't drag on forever in Pelatda Cabor. Given the limited budget in Cabor is also a major obstacle.

"Our budget is very limited. That's why we should immediately do centralization in Pelatda KONI Bali. The flow has already entered that way. And, if possible, it would be better if withdrawn to Pelatda Bali tomorrow is also better," explained Widiasa Pasputra.

It's just that he admits that so far PON athletes, especially Bali bodybuilding athlete M Zainudin in the 65 kg class, and Erwin Adianto in the 85 kg class are all professional. Responsible for carrying out his duties as an athlete, namely training. And, PBFI

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