Papuan Youth Ask the Community to Support the Continuation of Special Autonomy

The Papua Philpto Family Association (IKBP) and the Mandala Trikora Papua Youth ask all citizens to support the continuation of Special Autonomy (Otsus) in Papua
Chairman of the Papua IKBP, Benyamin Tiris, said that the existence of Otsus in Papua is very important for the development and welfare of the Papuan people. Even so, he hopes that Otsus will be evaluated. "Otsus needs to be continued, but before it can be continued, we really hope that an evaluation will be necessary so that it will be better in the future than in previous years in terms of managing Special Autonomy itself," he said in Jayapura.

He said that Papua's Otsus is a product of law, so there is no such thing as volume I or II. Otsus will continue, but there will be several revised articles. "Do not lead an opinion on the rejection of Special Autonomy Volume II, because this special autonomy does not have volumes or stages. What does exist is that Special Autonomy will continue, there will be revisions and a comprehensive evaluation for future improvements," he said.

Chairman of the Mandala Trikora, Ali Kabiay stressed the need for a comprehensive evaluation of the ongoing Special Autonomy. "Special Autonomy is still being continued, but it needs to be evaluated to make it more touching to the people. It must be evaluated thoroughly from the district to the provincial level," he said.

Ali added that the special autonomy for Papua, in this case Law No. 21 of 2001 on Otsus, will never end because it is a product of a legal law. "What is there, let us unite and together support the implementation of the sustainability of Otsus in Papua so that Papua in the future will be better than now," he said.

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