Papuan Students in Yogyakarta Declare Special Autonomy Support

Papua does not only belong to separatist groups, who constantly suppress the silencing of native Papuan voices. While the group clearly claims that all Papuans do not need special autonomy, the Papuan student group in the Yogyakarta Study City shows another view.

This is because a number of young leaders and students have stated that they continue to support the government to continue Otsus for the future of Papua and West Papua. This was also stated in the declaration they voiced.

Jhon Rumbay, a Papuan youth leader in Yogya, said that as the leader of the declaration, representing Biak students and the Saereri tribe who are one of the 7 tribes of the customary territory asked the government to continue Otsus for the future of Papua and West Papua.

"We represent the younger Papuans who study and study in Jogya, which consists of 7 tribes, and we are part of Papua who are proud of the Indonesian government and we are part of the Republic of Indonesia," he said.

Regarding the central government's policies for the development of Papua and West Papua, he explained, the government with its Otsus program has very large benefits and it is most appropriate for the development and progress of the Papuan people as a whole for the future of Papua itself.

"Our hope is that this special autonomy program can reach the lowest level of society. There are even many Papuan students who study in Yogya who do not receive assistance from the Papuan Regional Government. We represent ethnic groups from breeding areas and are very supportive of special autonomy for Papua to continue in the next period, ”he explained.

According to them, Otsus will continue and special evaluation for the ongoing special autonomy and focus on its use to support the improvement of health, education, and welfare in Papua and West Papua.

It is known that the participants of the declaration were attended by representatives of Uniani students, representatives of Akprind students, and representatives of Janabadra students.

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