Otsus, a major breakthrough for the state to promote Papuans

The special autonomy policy or Otsus Papua is proof of the seriousness of the government in its efforts to improve the welfare of the people of Cenderawasih Earth. The application of Otsus is the best way to develop Papua, both physically and in human resources.
From 2002 to 2020, the Provinces of Papua and West Papua have received special autonomy funds of up to Rp. 126.99 trillion. Since 2002, the funds given have amounted to IDR 1.38 trillion and have increased every year until 2020 to IDR 13.05 trillion.
Deputy Chairperson of the 2001 Papua Special Autonomy Compilation Team Stering Committee Balthasar Kambuaya said that the special autonomy was aimed at improving the welfare of indigenous Papuans.

"The aim of Otsus at that time was to want Papua to get out of poverty, free Papua from the threat of poverty, shackles of underdevelopment, fear, oppression, discrimination," said Balthasar Tuesday night, December 1, 2020.
He hopes that Otsus in the future can provide protection for the natives of Papua. "Special Autonomy has brought radical changes to Papua. It must be admitted that 18 years have passed, some have succeeded and not, it needs to be fixed. However, at least 75 percent of the special autonomy has been successful," he said.

Deputy Minister of PUPR John Wempi Wetipo added that Otsus was born so that Papuans become masters in their own regions, as a hope and solution.
The Central Government has also built infrastructure in Papua. If there is an assessment of Otsus failing, it is not because of Otsus itself but more because regional officials are not transparent and cannot carry out Otsus.
"It is not that the Special Autonomy has failed, but more because officials who cannot execute carry out the mandate because the concept of Otsus is already good," he said.
Meanwhile, Deputy Regent of Asmat, Thomas Eppe Safanpo, ensures that Otsus has provided great benefits. Many young Papuans can go to school abroad. Better access to health. Unfortunately, these various advantages are not well socialized by the provincial government.
Although there are still shortcomings, the presence of Otsus provides great benefits that are focused on four priority programs. For example, aspects of education, health, infrastructure, to community economic empowerment. This is proof that the Central Government's attention to Papua is so great.
"We have never evaluated the assessment but have come to the conclusion that failure will not be of any benefit, this is a big mistake and has been heavily campaigned by international groups," said Thomas.

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