Otsus is a hope for Papuans

Ali Albert Kabiay as Chair of the Mandala Trikora Youth DPD assessed that the special autonomy (otsus) policy was part of the solution offered by the central government to promote the welfare of the people in Papua.

Judging from the 2001 period when the special autonomy policy was implemented, according to Ali, this had brought the Papuan people as if they felt a hope of eroding backwardness.

"The special autonomy policy was eagerly awaited by Papuans. They are all happy when the government gives more attention to us (Papuans), "he said.

What has become the basis for implementing the special autonomy system is that the central government has given full opportunities to indigenous Papuans to lead their own regions. Ali said this with the intention that any related policies would be more targeted, given the Papua and West Papua regions still adhere to strong culture and customs.

"It is good that the formulation of special autonomy, native people are given the opportunity to become governors, regents, and in strategic positions. This means that the policies presented are more targeted, "he added.

According to Ali, Papua should now be equal to other regions in Indonesia. Apart from the authority that is pro to the Papuan people, the availability of a very large allocation of funds is also one of the strong reasons.

However, Ali also regretted that in the course of the Special Autonomy that was almost 20 years old, all policies and achievements seemed to be countered by vague interests.

"It is also undeniable, we can see Papua that currently exists. Even though it has undergone a pretty good change, it doesn't feel that significant. I think what you feel is still not up to the expectations of the central government, "

Ali seems to have a problem if the special autonomy is only oriented to the sector of supporting funds. This is because the money that has been disbursed by the government counts not less than 126 trillion rupiah during the nearly 20 years of the policy.

"126 trillion is a very large number, but why can't it give more influence. This is very unfortunate because it seems not serious in implementing it. Even though there are many people who are expecting it, "added Ali.

In following up on the special autonomy policy, Ali requested that the implementation of the special autonomy be accounted for in real terms. He provided a solution for a supervisory authority to be formed to support the auditing of related funds. This is because Ali thinks that if the special autonomy policy is implemented properly it will have a direct positive impact on Papua.

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