Otsus Brings Many Positive Contributions to Papua

2021 is a new chapter in Papua because there is an extension of special autonomy. The public does not need to worry about the pros and cons of this program, because in volume 2 there will be many changes. Starting from the addition of the special autonomy fund, as well as evaluation so that it can run even better.

Cendrawasih Earth is like a gemstone that needs to be scrubbed to make it look even better. Therefore, Papua has been privileged since 2001 in the form of special autonomy. This program provides the people there with funds of up to trillions of rupiah, to promote and develop their region.

The otsus program, which has been in effect for 20 years, has succeeded in building beautiful infrastructure, for example, Sentani International Airport. Apart from physical development, there is also human resource development, which is channeled through the education sector. Schools for Papuan children are guaranteed because they receive scholarship funds which are quite nominal.

But after 20 years and will be extended again in 2021, is there still someone who has the heart to reject special autonomy? Of course the answer is no. All Papuan civilians agree to the extension of the special autonomy because this program has proven to be profitable and has changed their lives for the better.

The academic at the University of Cendrawasih Papua, Ferry Kareth, stated that the special autonomy was quite successful in its implementation. However, there needs to be an increase so that funds can be evenly absorbed. This lecturer at the Law Faculty is an expert, because he participated in the formation of the 2001 special autonomy draft. So he has been observing the intricacies of the special autonomy program for nearly 20 years.

Ferry added that the special autonomy program is a gift from God for Papua. The privileges given to the people of Cendrawasih Earth must be used for the common good. So there should be no rejection of the extension of the special autonomy. Because it is the same as rejecting the provision of the Almighty.

After the special autonomy volume 1 is completed, of course there is an evaluation to assess the success of this program. Checking starts from the provincial, city, down to the smallest village and village level. Evaluation is carried out in terms of fund absorption, effectiveness, adjustments to plans, and so on. With the evaluation, the otsus volume 2 will be even better.

Special autonomy evaluation is carried out in the field to check whether the funding is right on target? If the school has been built, then in Special Autonomy volume 2 it only remains to complete the facilities. For example, internet access, new books, and teachers with good quality and work ethic. Students will be enthusiastic about learning and be smart and creative.

So far, the special autonomy program that has been quite successful is the construction of the Trans Papua Road and the provision of scholarships. This scholarship fund even brought one of the youths from Bumi Cendrawasih, Billy Masambrar, to go to school and study. Until now he has succeeded in making the Kitong Bisa Foundation and a special staff for President Jokowi.

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