Otsus The Best Solution to build Papua

The Papua Special Autonomy Policy (Otsus) is proof of the government's seriousness in efforts to improve the welfare of the people of Bumi Cenderawasih. The application of Otsus is the best way to develop Papua, both physically and in human resources.

From 2002 to 2020, Papua and West Papua have received special autonomy funds of up to IDR 126.99 trillion. Since it was first distributed, the total funding support that was disbursed increased from time to time. In 2002, the funds provided amounted to Rp 1.38 trillion, while in 2020 it was Rp. 13.05 trillion. This means that there has been a significant increase of up to 10 times since the funds were rolled out. The fund has become one of the instruments used by the central government in accelerating development in the two provinces.

Talking about Otsus is not only talking about funds, but also about special affirmative rights for indigenous Papuans (OAP) to get the right to health, education, economic welfare, to become the main leaders in government, employment, infrastructure development services, and so on. The special autonomy fund support is actually aimed at financing education and health, as well as supporting infrastructure development financing.

Balthasar Kambuaya, Deputy Chairman of the Steering Committee for the 2001 Papua Special Autonomy Formulation Team, explained that Otsus was presented using a welfare approach. "The goal of Otsus at that time was to want Papua to get out of poverty, to liberate Papua from the threat of poverty, the shackles of being left behind, fear, oppression, discrimination," said Balthasar Kambuaya, during a Webinar discussion on "Otsus for the Free Papua".

Special Autonomy has contained major breakthroughs to which Papuans have been given more authority and responsibility. Otsus is intended to provide protection for the empowerment of indigenous Papuans. Special Autonomy was also compiled by smart Papuan community groups according to the needs of the times. According to Balthasar, thanks to Otsus, it is as if half of them are already independent, because great authority is given in terms of government, education, economy, as well as health.

"Otsus brings radical changes to Papua. It must be admitted, that 18 years running, some have succeeded and not. (Which hasn't worked) does need to be fixed. However, at least 75 percent of the Special Autonomy has been successful, "he said.

Deputy Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) John Wempi Wetipo added, Otsus was born so that Papuans become masters in their own regions, as a hope and solution. In the Jokowi era, Papua made various breakthroughs, infrastructure connectivity was continued. The center pays more attention to encouraging infrastructure in Papua to be more advanced. Even if there is an assessment of failure, it is not because of Otsus. However, it is more due to the practice of its implementation. "Conceptually, Otsus is good," he said.

Freddy Numberi, a senior Papuan figure, explained that the concept and policy of the Special Autonomy was a great step taken by the state for Papua. However, when the regulations are great but not followed by good bureaucracy, it becomes chaotic. Otsus is a powerful idea for Papuan children. "We need to change our approach. Otsus is good. However, it needs the right approach and better supervision, ”said Freddy.

Deputy Regent of Asmat, Thomas Eppe Safanpo, explained that Otsus has provided great benefits. Many young Papuans can go to school abroad. Better access to health. Unfortunately, the various advantages were not well socialized by the provincial government.

Although there are still shortcomings, in the 20 years period until now, the presence of Otsus has provided enormous benefits, which are focused on four priority programs. For example, aspects of education, health, infrastructure, to community economic empowerment. This is proof that the Central Government's attention to Papua is so great.

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