Not optimal sports decentralization

One of the PON Bali judo trainers, Agus Putra Adnyana, admitted that the decentralization program of each sports Provincial Pengprov has not run optimally.

This is because until now the athletes have not focused on undergoing training to prepare for PON Papua XX / 2021. The reason is, said Adnyana, after training the athletes immediately returned to their respective homes. Meanwhile, activities at home cannot be monitored fully and completely. This, according to Agus Adnyana, was due to the decentralization of the Regional Plates per Cabor.

"Just try returning to the centralization program, centralized in one place, we are more confident with the preparation," said Agus Putra Adnyana.

The man who is also the Head of the PJSI City of Denpasar City Administration emphasized that centralized training per sport or all sports gathered into one, all athletes will be monitored. Regular rest hours, including diet and exercise hours.

"Because they are placed in one place. If the training program is like now, after training and then released, not all PON athletes as many as 251 athletes from 28 sports live in Denpasar. Even though sports activities are predominantly centered in Denpasar, "said Agus Adnyana.

"This is the main obstacle for the PON judo athletes. I believe this exercise is not optimal, "said Agus Adnyana. According to him, the volume of exercise is sufficient, for example four times a week. This means that each month undergoing training 16 times. Because it was vacuum for about seven months due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is very difficult to get to the best performance. This achievement is believed to be difficult to pursue for PON Papua.

"That's why one of the steps is holding a centralized exercise. The Pelatda in the sports provincial administration was returned to the Pelatda KONI Bali with the direct record that the athletes were centered in one place. This is a strategy that can be done so that athletes who get PON tickets can really achieve a fix performance, ”said Agus Putra Adnyana.

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