More Leaders in Papua Support Otsus

A number of figures from various circles in Papua and West Papua are increasingly supporting the sustainability of the implementation of special autonomy (Otsus) in Papua and West Papua to name just a few names such as Bani Tabuni who is also the Head of the Central Mountains Tribe in South Jayapura District, Jayapura City; Gerson Yulianus Hassor, one of the tribal leaders in Jayapura City; Lewi Mandacan, Chief of the Petrus Kafiar Village Tribe; Ali Kabiay, Chairperson of the Trikora Mandala Youth in Papua Province; Barens Agaki as Chairman of the Waropen Regency Indigenous Society; Sepater Ayomi, Chairman of the Saireri Regional Customary Council and others.

They also have positive statements regarding the importance of Otsus in Papua to be continued, among others: first, Otsus is a solution for the welfare of the people in Papua. Otsus is a form of central government concern for Papua for the welfare of the community. Otsus is also a solution for the development of various sectors of public welfare. Therefore, Otsus is the right solution to boost Papua's progress.

Second, a handful of groups that reject Special Autonomy Volume II are suspected of being ridden by certain groups, moreover they do not understand that Otsus is very important. A group of people who reject the extension of special autonomy (Otsus) volume II who are alleged to be supporters of the OPM, so their attitude is very wrong because Otsus has so far helped development in all fields in Papua. Those who say that Otsus failed are wrong. In fact, Otsus is very useful for the people of Papua and an important note is that Otsus that has been running so far must be evaluated so that it is more optimal, not rejected. The Papuan people should be proud because the central government provides Otsus, one example of which is a great opportunity for Papuan children to get all services.

Third, the central government is investigating the use of the Otsus funds for 20 years that have been given to local governments. If the use of Special Autonomy funds is carried out transparently, then the hope is that when Special Autonomy Volume 2 is implemented, the funds disbursed will not be misused anymore and can be enjoyed by all levels of Papuan and West Papuan society, such as village funds provided by President Jokowi, the allocation is appropriate and clear with the goals and expectations of society. With the extension of special autonomy (otsus) in the land of Papua, it is a wise and good breakthrough for the people of Papua. To catch up with the Papuan people, the special autonomy funds can be better managed, so that all Papuans can enjoy it. So far, the funds currently felt directly by the community are village funds, so it is hoped that the special autonomy funds can be channeled directly to the community such as the management of village funds.

Fourth, Otsus for rakuyat Papua will be continued. However, what needs to be paid attention is related to its evaluation so that it touches the community more. The rampant rejection of Otsus is wrong because Otsus is the right of the Papuan people. The community and youth in Papua are united and jointly support the implementation of the sustainability of Otsus in Papua so that Papua will be better in the future than now.

Fifth, the Chairperson of the Traditional Council of the Sairei region, which holds the customary area from Tanjung Ayomi to Tamakuri, emphasized that in the future the special autonomy fund must be closely monitored so that it does not get caught up in Papuan officials who deliberately play the Special Autonomy fund but it can be directly felt by the lower class. To all people to jointly support the continuation of Special Autonomy so that it can guarantee a better welfare for society.

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