Moeldoko explained that Otsus is the second new spirit to accelerate the development of Papua

The Presidential Chief of Staff, Moeldoko, said the second phase of Papua's special autonomy would encourage or create a new spirit in accelerating Papua's development.

"In the context of leading to the second special autonomy, there is already a Presidential Decree No. 20/2020, dated 29 September 2020. The Presidential Decree aims to create enthusiasm, paradigms and new ways of managing the accelerated development of Papua and West Papua," said Moeldoko.

He said the Presidential Decree was aimed at increasing synergy between agencies, ministries and local governments, so that the acceleration of development towards the welfare of Papua and West Papua could be realized immediately.

Moeldoko, who is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Papua and West Papua Development Acceleration Team, said that there are five new frameworks to be aimed at in realizing the welfare of the Papua and West Papua regions.

First, economic transformation based on indigenous territories. According to Moeldoko, this is very important because the government really respects local wisdom.

Second, environmental quality and disaster resilience in the region. Third, realizing superior, innovative, character and contextual Papuan human resources. Fourth, infrastructure, especially basic infrastructure and economic issues. Fifth, governance and security that respects rights.

"These five things are a framework that is wanted to be realized in an effort towards a more prosperous Papua," said Moeldoko.

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