Mimika Futsal Gym There is still a lot of "homework"

Even though it was inaugurated on 23 October, it turns out that the Futsal GOR or Handball venue in the Timika cluster still has some notes or 'PR' (Homework) from the Futsal Technical Delegate which provides recommendations that must be completed or changed after conducting the assessment on December 11th.

Based on the recommendation letter, TD Cabor Futsal has several notes such as the goalposts that must be changed, the completeness of the lines in the field, the addition of air conditioning in the stands, the referee room and the player room. Additional lighting in the field, additional toilets in the player and referee rooms, and the window in the stands must be replaced.

In addition, other recommendations include the absence of a safety net for spectators behind the goal, changing the scoring board, adding a sound system, procuring single seats and locker rooms.

Technical Delegate for Futsal Sports M. Achwani said that after the Futsal Gor had met the standards, it would later be used for match trials and training camps for the Papua PON Futsal team. Another plan if everything has been done, then in March there will be a test event with several other Provincial Futsal.

Meanwhile, the head coach of PON Papua Futsal, Daud Henry Arim, hopes that his team will be able to carry out a training camp at the Mimika Futsal Sports Hall in early 2020.

"Beginning in 2021, PON Papua futsal can stay or move and train in Mimika as a venue for the match, because we have to adjust to the field which is quite good," said Daud Arim to Cenderawasih Pos when contacted via his cell phone, Wednesday (16/12 ).

"Hopefully the management of KONI and Puslatprov Papua can allow us to move to Mimika to do TC at the Futsal venue itself," he said.

The former Persipura Jayapura player also said that he would continue to coordinate with TD Futsal and related stakeholders for the readiness of the Futsal Sports Hall itself.

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