KPU Papua Ensures Implementation of Health Protocols

The head of the Papua General Election Commission (KPU) Theodorus Kossay emphasized that his party ensures that health protocols are implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic during the 2020 Pilkada elections.

"As many as 11 districts that are implementing regional elections are ready to implement health protocols, so they do not become a cluster for the spread of the virus," said Kossay.

He explained that his party had made various preparations, including preparing disposable materials to protect themselves from Covid-19 during the 2020 simultaneous regional elections.

For example, plastic gloves that will be used by voters, masks for voters who have not used before, and body temperature detection devices.

"The queue is also limited and spaced according to the queue number, so that only those who will vote are inside the TPS," said Kossay.

According to him, at the Election Election which will be held on December 9, 2020, voters will no longer put their fingers in ink bottles as a sign that they have exercised their rights, but instead are officers who will put ink on their fingers.

"The organizers also use personal protective equipment (PPE) and previously carried out a rapid test," said Kossay.

Kossay explained, as many as 11 districts in Papua that held Pilkada, namely Merauke, Boven Digul, Yalimo, and Yahukimo districts. Then the Bintang Mountains, Mamberamo Raya, Supiori, Waropen, Asmat, Nabire, and Keerom Regency.

There are 1,086,526 voters who will vote, with details in Yahukimo Regency there are 310,605 voters who will cast their votes at 866 polling stations, following Nabire with 178,545 people with 501 TPS.

Merauke Regency recorded DPT of 138,348 people with 489 polling stations, Bintang Mountains 104,341 voters with 383 polling stations, Yalimo 90,948 DPT with 327 polling stations, and Asmat 88,333 DPT with 305 polling stations.

"Then Keerom Regency got 54,490 and 185 TPS, Waropen 38,269 DPT and 139 TPS, Boven Digul 36,882 voters with 220 TPS, Mamberamo Raya with 26,926 DPT with 127 TPS and Supiori Regency recorded 16,481 DPT with 59 TPS," explained Kossay.

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