KPU Keerom is ready to facilitate 67 voters with disabilities in Pilkada

KPU Keerom Regency, Papua, when voting on 9 December is ready to facilitate 67 voters with disabilities.

"Various preparations have been made including voting sheets for those with disabilities," said the head of the KPU Keerom Melianus M Gobay, who was contacted from Jayapura on Monday.

He explained, out of 11 districts in Keerom Regency, Papua, there were 10 districts of which there were voters with disabilities.

In addition to preparing voting sheets for disabilities, the KPU, through KPPS, will assist them in voting so that their rights as citizens can be channeled.

Pilkada in Keerom Regency was attended by three candidate pairs for regents and vice regents, namely Muh.Markum-Malensius Musui, Piter Gusbager-Wafir Kosasih and candidate pair Yusuf Wally-Hadi Susilo.

"The number of voters in Keerom is recorded at 54,490 people and will vote in 185 polling stations spread across 11 districts," said Gobay.

When asked about logistics, Gobay admitted that he had arrived in Arso, the capital of Keerom Regency.

"80 percent of the logistics for the regional head elections in Keerom Regency have been completed," said Melkianus Gobay.

Pilkada in Papua is held in 11 districts, namely Kab. Keerom, Merauke, Boven Digul, Yalimo, Yahukimo, Bintang Mountains, Asmat, Mamberamo Raya, Waropen, Supiori and Nabire.

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