KPU Is Ready to Hold Pilkada Voting in 10 Regencies in Papua

The Papua KPU has stated that it is ready to hold the stages of voting for the Regional Head Election (Pemilukada) according to the schedule of December 9, 2020.

It's just that, of the 11 districts that held Pilkada in Papua Province, only 10 districts were confirmed according to schedule. Meanwhile, specifically for Boven Digoel district, it is still waiting for the verdict of the dispute trial at Bawaslu.

"So the voting schedule for 10 districts is on schedule, while for Boven Digoel, we will prepare a postponement plenary and are still waiting for leadership instructions," said member of KPU Papua, Melkianus Kambu.

Meanwhile, logistical preparations for the 10 districts, said Kambu, have all been dropped to each district to be distributed to the districts to the TPS.

He explained that the KPU has prioritized the distribution of Pilkada logistics in the farthest regions. For example in Yahukimo District, where out of 51 districts, 50 districts have to use planes and helicopters. It's just that the distribution starts today (Monday, red) because it is still waiting for some logistics.

Likewise, in Mamberamo Raya Regency, Bintang Mountains, Yalimo for the farthest districts, distribution using helicopters has been carried out since Sunday. Meanwhile, in Waropen, Merauke, Asmat, Supiori and Nabire, logistics are distributed using planes, helicopters and speedboats.

"So for areas some distance away, there are those who use speedboats, planes and helicopters, as well as in Keerom there is a district whose logistics distribution we use helicopter services. Meanwhile, for the nearest district, we will start the H-2 distribution, ”said Kambu.

Meanwhile, for the Covid-19 procedure at each TPS, according to Kambu, the KPU has prepared PPE in the form of disposable gloves, masks, body temperature measuring devices, hand washing stations along with soap and tissue.

"So the voting process still follows the Covid-19 procedure, still prioritizing distance," he said.

The KPU calls on voters who are registered in the DPT, or voters who have a coded certificate, or who are 17 years old and have a KTP but not recorded in the DPT, to come to the TPS and give their voting rights on Wednesday, December 9, 2020.

"TPS is open from 07.00 to 13.00, come and use your right to vote," said Kambu.

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