KONI Mimika Holds BLS Training for 34 Sports

The Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) Mimika, Papua, held a Basic Life Support (BLS) Training.

The activity, which was followed by all elements of the sports branch under the auspices of KONI Mimika, was held at the Horison Ultima Timika Hotel, Saturday (5/12).

The head of the BLS activity organizer, dr. Nur Nissa Salim explained to Seputar Papua that the training was related to the XX PON activities which will be held in 2021.

Where, in this training, participants are taught how to provide assistance when finding health emergencies.

"Today's training held by KONI Mimika on BLS basic life support teaches participants how to provide assistance when finding emergencies, be it heart or sports injuries," said Nur.

He said the instructors in the training came from the Regional Hospital and the Indonesian National Nurses Association.

For the material, regarding the handling of injuries and transfer of victims.

"This means that in certain sports if there is an injury, they will be taught how to deal with it first, how it is safe to move the victim," he said.

Also, first aid for people who are unconscious and choking.

If later someone is found who has fainted, and is stuck, what to do with first aid.

And the most important thing is that the basic life support that is taught is the correct way to massage the heart.

"This activity is related to the preparation of PON because Mimika is one of the clusters for holding PON Papua, so this activity is expected to be an important material for each sport in Timika," he said.

Meanwhile, General Secretary of PB PON XX Sub Mimika, Caesar Avianto Tunya explained, the activities attended by representatives of 34 sports were sustainable, so there had to be a basis that had to be understood.

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