KONI Aceh Already Has 62 Sports Branch Managers

The Aceh National Sports Committee (KONI) now accommodates 62 sports organizations. This happened after the Annual Member Meeting Forum (RAT) officially established nine sports (Cabor) as new members of KONI Aceh.

RAT KONI Aceh this time was held virtually, which was opened by General Chairman H. Muzakir Manaf, Tuesday (15/12/2020) at the KONI Aceh Secretariat, Banda Aceh. In the meeting, also determined the number of sports that will be competed in the XIV PORA 2022, Pidie, namely as many as 36 sports.

"Some of the issues discussed at this RAT include, the accountability report for the implementation of KONI Aceh activities in 2019 and 2020, planned activity programs for 2021, presentation of the PORA Pidie host and the appointment of new KONI Aceh members," said Mualem - H. Muzakir Manaf's nickname. .

Chairman of the Committee Faisal Saifuddin said, the RAT KONI Aceh was attended by 112 participants, consisting of elements of district / city KONI and sports branch officials, as well as functional sports organizations. Also present were Deputy Regent of Pidie Fadhullah TM Daud in order to convey the preparations for the host of PORA Pidie.

RAT Session Chairperson, M. Nasir, SIP, MPA said, the nine new sports that have been designated as members of the Aceh KONI are; Indonesian Weightlifting Association (PABSI), Indonesian Weightlifting Association (Pabersi), Indonesian Fitness Bodybuilding Association (PBFI), Esport Indonesia (ESI), Hapkido, Indonesian Bowling Association (PBI), Indonesian Kick Boxing (KBI), Gateball Association All of Indonesia (Pergatsi), and the Indonesian Handball Association (ABTI).

Meanwhile, the 36 sports established by RAT KONI Aceh as participants of PORA Pidie in 2022 are athletics, weightlifting, fencing, kempo, taekwondo, degree fighting, muaythai, archery, football takraw, tennis, shooting, karate, chess, table tennis, whitewater jeuram, gymnastics, pencak silat, bicycle racing, motorcycle racing, football, boxing, drumband, basketball, volleyball, rock climbing, roller skating, swimming, badminton, futsal, wushu, petanque, bridge, sails, rowing, weight lifting, and bodybuilding.

"Even though it has been determined, if later the sports cannot meet the requirements for the 2021 Pre-PORA implementation, it will be canceled as a PORA participant," said M. Nasir who is also the General Secretary of KONI Aceh. One of the requirements for the implementation of Pre-PORA is that the sport has a minimum of 12 district / city branch administrators (Pengca).

The Chairperson of the Aceh KONI Daily H. Kamaruddin Abu Bakar when closing RAT in 2020 stated, with the joining of nine new members of KONI Aceh, his party hopes that it will be an additional energy when Aceh becomes the host of PON in 2024 with North Sumatra.
"We hope that Pre-PORA in 2021, and PORA Pidie in 2022 can run smoothly, both in terms of implementation and improvement of achievement," said Abu Razak - H. Kamaruddin Abu Bakar's nickname.

"Apart from Pre-PORA and PORA, in 2021 there is a task to face PON Papua, and host PON in 2024. For that we must prepare reliable athletes from now on," said Abu Razak.

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