Irwan Prayitno Targets PASI West Sumatra XX PON Gold Medal

Governor of West Sumatra (West Sumatra) Irwan Prayitno inaugurated the Board of the All-Indonesian Athletes Association (PASI) Sumbarmasa Bhakti 2020-2024 in the Governor's Office Hall.

Based on this inauguration reference refers to the PB Chairman's Decree. PASI Number: 05 / SK.PB.PASI / IV / 2020, regarding the inauguration of the personnel composition of the West Sumatra Provincial Pasi Management for the 2020-2024 term.

From the decree, 57 personnel managers were compiled based on their competence in their respective fields. Also based on the willingness and dedication to West Sumatra athletes consisted of 80 percent former athletic athletes and 20 percent professionals.

The Governor of West Sumatra, Irwan Prayitno, said that PASI is managing athletes who have made a big contribution to the people of West Sumatra with the gold they received, last year West Sumatra athletes got two gold.

"PON in West Java, PASI has proven the contribution of two golds. At least we can re-target for two gold medals at PON in Papua," said Irwan.

In order to achieve this target, the governor reminded the management to work seriously and compactly. The goal is that the program that is compiled actually runs without any internal constraints.

"Don't forget to always coordinate and tell KONI about the strategy to get gold in PON. Likewise convey the support needs," he said.

Furthermore, the selection of athletes sent to PON XX Papua must be measured based on their potential and achievements. Do not let contingent appointments based on certain relationships or closeness.

"We hope that the PASI management has just been inaugurated, hopefully over the next four years we can
contribute to West Sumatra and the National so as to achieve the target, "hoped Irwan.

Furthermore, he asked the new management to continue the old tradition and be maintained with serious training so that he became the greatest of the greats, the best of the good, that kind of weight was sent for the next match.

And not those that are not great are sent, nor because there are insiders who escaped because of that, not an objective assessment. But the athletes who are competed are a clear indicator, otherwise it will fail.

"So send those who are truly outstanding for the National Sports Week. I believe that if something like this is done, it will bring good results," explained Irwan in his speech.

Furthermore, he also congratulated the PASI management in the hope that in the future they can carry out the mandate for the next four years as well as possible in accordance with the responsibilities given.

"Hopefully it will become a sustainable tradition, PASI West Sumatra can get gold for the Province of West Sumatra," he pleaded.

Meanwhile, Chairman of PASI West Sumatra, Budi Syukur, also said that the West Sumatra PASI has been waiting for two gold medals for 30 years. This is an achievement that should be maintained like the previous period.

"Things like this, can not be separated from the support from both the Provincial Government, West Sumatra KONI and the roles of all parties, both administrators, coaches, have struggled to achieve achievements," said Budi Syukur.

Furthermore, he also mentioned that the sports coaching that is needed, achieved or obtained is an achievement. Which is the highest peak followed, namely the national level at PON.

In addition to the PON championships that are being followed, he also participates in athletic championships at the Sumatra level and always makes a positive contribution. Lastly, I won the championship in Bengkulu and got the biggest medal at the Sumatran level championship, "said Budi.

According to him, even though West Sumatra does not have complete facilities according to international standards. But with enthusiasm and serious practice West Sumatra can give good achievements.

"All that thanks to the cooperation of PASI West Sumatra provincial administrators and PB PASI, to bridge athletes with national training because PASI West Sumatra has seeds in all directions scattered in districts and cities in West Sumatra Province," said Budi.

Present on the occasion, Chairman of PASI West Sumatra Intentionally Budi Syukur, Kadispora West Sumatra Bustavidia, Chairman of Koni representing, and Fokopimda West Sumatra Province and all the invitees.

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