GOR Futsal in Timika Ready for PON XX

The Futsal Sports Branch Technical Delegate Team has conducted a survey at the venue that will be used in the XX Papua PON event in 2021.

As a result, the readiness of buildings and other supports has reached 90 percent. To answer the needs of the Futsal sport, the Technical Delegate has made a visit to survey the facilities at the futsal venue located in the SP2 area.

The team stated that the Futsal Venue at Timika was a very good venue with international standards, a large parking area, a warm-up field for players, changing rooms for players and referees and other supporting facilities.

The Futsal Cabor Technical Delegate, M Achwani, said that Mimika's preparation as one of the XX Papua PON clusters in 2021 for the Futsal Branch was deemed adequate.

"I see that it is adequate, although there are still things that need to be added such as changing rooms, windows for air circulation, and carpets (futsal field mats) and a few other small items," said M Achwani after conducting the venue survey.

Even though the facilities were adequate for the XX PON committee, they were asked to provide a changing room for the players, as well as air circulation in the field.

Hopefully, in March 2021 the Futsal Venue in Timika can be used for event tests.

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