Facing PON Papua, Condition of West Sumatra Athletes Prima

All athletes who are members of the West Sumatra Contingent towards PON Papua continue to concentrate on carrying out physical preparations under physical consultant Rina Ambar Dewanti, considering that the prime physical condition for an athlete is very decisive to be maximal in every competition.

To RRI, after forging the fitness and physicality of athletes from a number of sports in the Koni West Sumatra fitness room in the Gor Haji Agus Salim complex, Padang.

Physical Consultant Rina Ambar Dewanti, admitted that so far, through the stages of physical preparation that had been carried out since returning from the Bengkulu Regional Office at the end of last year, it had a positive impact on the physical strength of athletes.

Even though he had to do independent training, the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic did not really affect athletes, because he always monitored the training results that athletes sent.

“Today, together with athletes from a number of sports such as gymnastics, hang gliding, wrestling and kempo we strength training using weights and tools. I appreciate the seriousness and enthusiasm of athletes who are able to use all tools in accordance with the programs and materials provided, "he said.

However, Rina hopes that the positive achievements from day-to-day training results must always be improved because it is very decisive in the face of a tight competition, especially sports that require physical excellence such as measured sports such as athletics, swimming, weight lifting, iron and martial arts sports such as silat boxing and karate.

"So far the physical achievements of West Sumatra athletes have been above average, meaning that these achievements have entered the parameters we set, he has risen to the zone. We just need to reproduce and improve techniques and trials, as preparation for the final stage towards PON, "said the former athlete from five sports.

Meanwhile, Rijalul Fathani, a West Sumatra Gantole athlete, admitted that he was greatly helped by the program given by physical consultant Rina Ambar Dewanti. According to him, the material and training program provided can be applied in every exercise, considering the hang gliding sport is a mainstay of West Sumatra in gaining medals. This has been proven by the 2 gold won in the 2016 West Java PON.

"For the new Gantole sport, we have joined the physical training program with coach Ambar since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic. In the beginning, our physical ability was maybe 30-40%, but recently Alhamdulillah it has reached 100%. However, it was different when coach Rina Ambar did not accompany athletes in training, "said Rijalul.

The same thing was felt by the West Sumatran wrestler Elvi Siska because he really felt the training program provided by the trainer and physical consultant Rina Ambar Dewanti, making his ability to improve rapidly.

Even the wrestlers who are currently taking master's degree at FIK UNP are becoming more confident in facing PON XX Papua next year.

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