East Kalimantan and Papua Latber Warriors Pro Speed ​​Skating Skate Team at Mandala Krida

Ahead of the XX National Sports Week (PON) in 2021, two PON roller skating teams namely East Kalimantan (Kaltim) and Papua held joint training (Latber) with the Sleman Pro Speed ​​Skating Warriors club.
 “The team roller skating team PON East Kalimantan and Papua are held at the parking lot circuit of the Mandala Krida Yogya Stadium, every Monday and Wednesday from 13.30-15.30. Incidentally we got a training schedule at Mandala Krida on both days, "said Doddy Sanjaya, as Chairman of the Warriors Pro Speed ​​Skating club.
 In training last Wednesday, the PON Kaltim roller skating team fielded 10 players (5 boys and 5 girls). Likewise, the Warriors club also fielded 5 boys and 5 girls. "Meanwhile, the PON Papua roller skating team in this training opportunity only fielded one athlete, namely Kharisma Yudistira. It is planned that next week the PON Papua roller skating team will be complete, "he explained.

According to Doddy, the Warriors Pro Speed ​​Skating team trained by Johanes Wiharja (a former SEA Games athlete) and assistant coach Bayu Aji Saputra, Latber or sparring with PON Kaltim and Papua roller skates has an important meaning, namely to increase flying hours and add to the experience of competing for Warriors athletes. who is a member of the Sleman Porserosi Regency Club. “In this conference, the Warriors have not been accompanied by the main coach Johanes Wiharja, who is also the coach of the PON Papua roller skating team. Johanes Wiharja is still in Jakarta. Latber also presented therafist Warriors Haris Setiawan, "said Doddy.

Furthermore, he said, the PON Kaltim and Papua roller skating team trained together in Yogyakarta for one month. It is estimated that the end of the first week after the new year 2021. "The occurrence of latber with the roller skating team of East Kalimantan and Papua is due to good communication with the Pengda Porserosi in areas including East Kalimantan and Papua," he continued.

Doddy admitted, for Warriors Pro Speed ​​Skating training with East Kalimantan and Papua as preparation for the Jakarta Open roller skating championship which is planned around March-April 2021. “Currently the Warriors club only has 10 athletes, after PON Papua XX / 2021 we plan to add more athletes. Likewise, coach Johanes Wiharja, after handling the PON Papua roller skating team, returned to training the Warriors. Of the 10 athletes owned by Warriors, consisting of the age group (KU) B (8-10 years), KU C (10-12 years), KU D (12-15 years), junior (15-18 years) and seniors (maximum aged 26 years) following the PON Papua regulations, "said Doddy.

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