Cabor Gantole, West Sumatra Optimistic Gold PON Papua

West Sumatra is optimistic that it can bring home a gold medal from the Gantole sport, at the PON 20 Papua National Sports Week arena, October 2021. In the Gantole sport, West Sumatra fielded 4 top athletes.

In order to finalize preparations for the PON National Sports Week in Papua next year, the Gantole sports branch administrators conducted an Intensive Tese for two months. TC has started from 31 October to 28 December 2020.

West Sumatra Gantole trainer and athlete Rijalul Fathani told RRI that the TC, which was conducted for two months, was carried out based on the evaluation at the previous national championship.

Rijalul Fathani explained, TC was conducted in the Kanter Mountain area in Padang Pariaman Regency. Exercises are carried out 3 times a week, namely on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Apart from that it is a physical enhancement exercise for athletes.

"Based on the evaluation from the National Championship last year, ahead of the PON in Papua next year, we will conduct an Intensive TC for two months in the Kanter mountain area, Padang Pariaman Regency," said Rijalul.

Rijalul Fhatani added that his party is optimistic that they will be able to win 2 gold medals in the National prestigious event at the PON. The athletes who will participate in this Gantole sport are NSR Yalatif, Khaidir Anas, Syahroni and Rijalul Fathani.

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