Beckham Putra is the target of the West Java Team for PON Papua 2021

The young Persib Bandung player, Beckham Putra Nugraha, is included in the projection of the West Java football team prepared for the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) 2021.

This was conveyed by the coach of the West Java team, Yudiantara, when contacted by reporters, Monday, December 21, 2020. Apart from Beckham, there are two names of other professional players who are being discussed.

"What we see is the closest we hope to a joining Beckham, for the other two names are still playing according to the team's needs," said Yudiantara.

In quality, there is no doubt Beckham. The 19-year-old player is part of the U-19 Indonesian National Team which is undergoing training camp under the direction of Shin Tae-yong.

Beckham even went to Croatia for two months to undergo a program ahead of playing in the 2021 U-20 World Cup. Unfortunately, when he returned to Indonesia and underwent training again, he suffered an injury.

Yudiantara said that actually there are many players from West Java who deserve to strengthen their team. However, to determine it is not easy because it must match the team's needs.

Players who according to him are still in the age category from Persib, such as Gian Zola, Wildan Ramdani, Aqil Saviq, Indra Mustafa and Agung Mulyadi. There are also those who have migrated to other areas such as Rizki Kinyun in Persijap Jepara.

"There are about 10 more players who are still in PON, such as Gian Zola, Wildan, Aqil, Indra, Agung, who play outside, Rizki Kinyun, and many too," he said.

Yudiantara plans to hold a meeting with team management to discuss this issue. Given, in the regulations each team can register three professional players at the same time can be deployed simultaneously.

"I have to consult with the coaching and management teams according to the position's needs, but if Beckham is one of those who enter, especially if he wants to appear at the World Cup, hopefully he can join," he said.

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