BBM 1 Price Increases the Tourism Potential of the 3T Area

One price fuel that the government has been intensively promoting in recent years can have a positive impact on the tourism industry, especially in the 3T (frontier, remote, outermost) areas. This is also felt in the Papua region, which has various tourism potentials but is constrained by the scarcity and cost of fuel.

"One price of fuel is important because there is jealousy. The most noticeable thing is that we have to think about how tourism can be stable and move the wheels of the economy, so that tourism can become the strength of the local community," said actress Nadine Chandrawinata in a talk show with the theme "Downstream Oil and Gas Outcomes 2020 "Tuesday (8/12/2020).

He said that before there was one price for fuel, when foreign tourists came to Raja Ampat or other areas in Papua, there were many points that could not be reached because of the lack of fuel. Even if someone provides BBM, the price can be up to 5 times more expensive, so that the cost of traveling is also expensive. As a result, the community finds it difficult to highlight the tourism potential of the area.

"The most pronounced impact, if you want to go to several points there (Papua) is now more cost-effective. So the local community can have a more bulky kitchen, and achieve a balance," he said.

Nadine said that the potential for tourism that has not been maximally developed is not only in Papua, but also in Malinau, North Kalimantan, which is experiencing the same problem.

On the same occasion, the Head of BPH Migas M Fanshurullah Asa, revealed a number of obstacles in the implementation of the One Price BBM which is targeted to reach 500 points by 2024.

"Until 2020, there are one price fuel for 253 locations. This year the target is 83 locations and next year 67 locations. The more difficult it is, this is what we identify the problem," said Ifan, a call from Fanshurullah Asa.

He detailed that the obstacle that had arisen was the difficulty in finding investors who wanted to build One Price Petrol Station. This is because the amount of fuel sold tends to be small while the investment value is very large because it is in 3T areas.

"One of the problems for us and for Pertamina is finding investors," explained Ifan.

Apart from that, Ifan admitted that he had faced obstacles from a number of local governments. Starting from licensing, location and others. "Even though we have met the Head of the Service, it turns out that it doesn't fit with the regent or others. This makes it even more hindering," he said.

When meeting with obstacles from the local government, BPH Migas does not hesitate to move the location from the One Price Fuel Gas Station or move it to the next year.

"The local government did not support it, so from the plan to build it in 2020 we must move it to 2021 or 2022," explained Ifan.

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