1 December Independence Day is considered just a dream

Every December 1 is celebrated as West Papua's Proclamation Day. In fact, in the Determination of People's Opinion (Pepera) August 2, 1969, the Papuan people had decided by acclamation to join the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

The head of the Papua and West Papua Bamus, Willem Frans Ansanay, emphasized that the Act of August 2, 1969, it was clear that the territory of the Indonesian state from Sabang to Merauke. In fact, internationally admitted to the Republic of Indonesia which is Independence Day on August 17th.

"I underline that it is clear (Papua is included in the Republic of Indonesia, red). The facts have proven, it has not yielded any results. The international world has already cleared Papua to enter the Republic of Indonesia," said Willem Frans Ansanay

The current condition, said Willem, is that the central government has taken the right steps and policies to change Papua for the better through the disbursement of the Papua special autonomy fund (Otsus Papua).

"The government has provided a very appropriate measure for Papua and has approved a special autonomy fund for Papua," said Willem.

Chairman of the DPD Pemuda Mandala Trikora Papua Province, Ali Kabiay added, the matter of December 1, which is Independence Day, is a dream. This is because Papua has clearly entered the ranks of the Republic of Indonesia and became independent on August 17.

"December 1 was just a dream, because we were independent on August 17. The UN has declared Papua a legitimate part of Indonesia. Establishing a state is not an easy thing and it is not as easy as turning your palms," said Ali.

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