Yalimo Regional Secretary Ensures the 2020 Pilkada is Safe

The Yalimo Regency Government ensures that the implementation of the regional head elections (Pilkada) which will take place on December 9 2020 will be safe and peaceful.

The local Regional Secretary (Sekda), DR. Isak Yando, admitted that the Yalimo people are now focused on the upcoming 9 December 2020 so that the democratic party in their region can take place safely and peacefully.

"So, for Yalimo Regency, we local governments and the community focus on implementing the Pilkada so that it can run well," he said.

He said, regarding special autonomy, the Regional Secretary emphasized that the policy was very beneficial for the Papuan people, especially Yalimo Regency.

"When talking about Otsus, I think Otsus has provided tremendous benefits for Papua," he said.

The Regional Secretary gave an example, Yalimo Regency, where the people used to live in Honai.

"Now most of them have got a house and all the economic needs of the Yalimo people are available starting from building materials, food and clothing as well as other necessities available in the Yalimo city mental market," he concluded.

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